To become a student of the Military College „Stefan cel Mare” the following stages have to be followed:

     The recruting is done by the Information Recruiting Office of the capital city of the county where the candidate lives.

     The candidate for the military college must have Romanian citizenship and a permanent address in the country, a harmonious physical development, a decent behaviour and not to belong (including the parents) to illegal organisations or religious cults or sects.

The selection
     The selection lasts one day, at the Zonal Centre of Selection and Orientation, Câmpulung Moldovenesc.

     The selection tests are: psychological (intelligence test and personality questionnaires) and physical tests (running). After the two tests, the candidate will be interviewed to evaluate his motivation for the military career, the coherence and clarity of his/her speech.

     At the admission in the military college, the candidates will support an eliminatory test at the Romanian language and literature and Mathematics. Only those candidates who will obtain minimum grade 7 are admitted. The final admission grade is the average grade resulted from the grade of the national tests and of the average graduation grade of the V-VIII forms.

     The way to the military career may seem long, from the perspective of the many tests you are submitted to. This effort makes nothing else but offer a clearer image about you, it is a challenge to put face to face on one hand your desires, aspirations and ideals and on the other hand your possibilities.

     The gates of the Military College in Campulung Moldovenesc are wide open for all those who take the challenge.
  Adress: str. Izvorul Malului, nr. 6, Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava, Romania
  Zip code: 725100
  Phone: 0230-314931, 0230-314932
  Fax: 0230-313070
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